Summer Impression | Mark Lindsay

The day is filled with activity. Yellow jackets built an angry nest in the front yard. A man in a bee suit arrived to take care of the infestation. And my handyman is here, fixing some dry rot from the winter rains. With the drone of electric sanders in the distance, I try to make art and update the web site. I look for yellow jackets out of the corner of my eye. Contemplation is nowhere to be found.

Just before the bee-suit man arrived I took the Lensbaby into the front yard. Not being able to leave the property can be a good thing for an artist. So much is to be found within paces of our home. Restriction is one of the best ways to spur creative energy. Sometimes we just need to hone in. And lean in. There's nowhere to go today but inward.

The Lensbaby is light. Very light. There's really nothing to it. It becomes an extension of my eye. Its focus is organic and clumsy. For some reason I need this right now. The sharp-as-a-tack world of mine is starting to feel like a tack in my ass. Softness is what I crave.