Grass in Wasteland | Mark Lindsay

"Just when you think nothing's going to happen, one day you wake up and it's all changed!" A wise pressroom foreman once told me this years ago when I in the printing business. Printing is filled with dysfunction and drama, one thing after another. Fights, angst, screaming. Days gone bad. We all thought we were caught up in never-ending suffering. Then, like the pressroom sage had foretold, one day I woke up and it all changed forever.

I'm no longer in the industry. On one of those bad days my spirit had an uprising and I had to leave it all behind, once and for all. It turns out that there was a relentless rhythm of change that was working on my behalf even though I was unconscious to it. I was changing and not even realizing it. One day it caught up with me and I had to leave it all behind. Silent growth.

You can see the insistence of nature in the urban wasteland. We think we've paved it over, cultivated it and tamed it. Yet, in the fissures of concrete and asphalt the weeds still grow. Vacant lots seem fallow but are teeming with life and change. It all happens outside of our control. Life just happens.

I've become fascinated with the places in-between. It is there that the insistence of nature can be found. One can't keep it out. Sometimes, for years, nature is tamed and cultivated. Humans force upon it the geometric design of planning and intentions. And then, one day, a crack forms. A weed sprouts. And so it is with the us as well. The cracks in our own facade slowly reveal the truth of what we are. One day you wake up and it's all changed.