Muir Beach Haiku #3 | Mark Lindsay

Please forgive my current obsession with Muir Beach sand. It will pass. I've been photographing these small sand vignettes for years, squirreling them away on my hard drive, not quite knowing what to do with them. I've always liked them but wondered if anyone else would feel the same way. I feel shy about them. But, creativity has its oddities and for some reason, right now, these simple, little images need to see the light of day.

It's the homely plainness. I just crave it right now. Lately there seems to be so much noise and complexity in life and beach sand, to me, is a tonic. Plopping one's butt down in wet sand is a sensation that, if you are lucky, comes early in life and is forever the act of the eternal child. And so sand is just one of those things that beckons me after I've paid my bills, done my taxes or waited in line at the DMV.

Early in the morning at Muir Beach one can find traceries in the sand. I'm no expert but I figure some small creatures are hard at work right below the surface, tunneling around and looking for breakfast. The crisp, low, morning light skates the surface and makes the traceries sculptural and quite beautiful. The designs are almost arabesque in their intricacy.

Tomorrow I'll move on to another topic. Other images are queued up on the hard drive. But, I've enjoyed this sandy interlude of quiet photos. They somehow make we want to breathe more deeply.