Shadows and Reflections, Pt. Reyes | Mark Lindsay

Yesterday was dark. The sky was heavy with the rain season’s last gasp. Soon the sky will turn blue and stay that way for months. For a person who likes the variety of weather, the last of the rain season makes me a bit sad.

Stormy weather has always energized and electrified me. Ions in the air make my the hair on my skin bristle. While sunny days come and go with little fanfare, seething clouds signal excitement and deep introspection.

Soon the stark, sharp shadows of summer shall be upon us. Photography will take a turn towards azure skies, defining lines, the stark light of day. But, for one more moment I shall enjoy the sudden showers of spring, the unexpected changes that the earth brings us as her seasons’ shift.

It always surprises me so few people think a rainy day is beautiful. Rarely does one hear, “What a lovely day!” when the rain is coming down or when clouds are dancing and swirling in the sky. Those remarks seem to be saved for cloudless days of warmth and stillness. While a day such as that can gladden any heart, so too can a day of tempestuousness. Just about any moment of any day the weather has something to offer us.

Today’s photo is yet another image from Pt. Reyes. It shows, I believe the unique beauty of a cloudy day, when the light softens the trees’ profile and gives us a gentle gateway into the mystery of the shadow.