Tree Reflection in Brown | Mark Lindsay

Sometimes I got so involved with a project, theme, or process, I forget to enjoy making simple images that delight me. Every day, in preparation for this blog, I browse through my image library to see what resonates with me. More times than not, the work I did the previous day or over the course of the previous week will influence my choice. Often, projects or exhibits are born this way. Photography is a medium that benefits from serial exploration.

At this moment, I have about six projects in the cooker. A couple are boiling rapidly, facing deadline. A few others are gently simmering on the back burner. A couple more are in-between—a kind of creative limbo. I woke up this morning, stared at the image library, and proclaimed myself to be sick of all said projects. Like I stated in an earlier blog entry, sometimes I think too much.

So, today I present a simple image of a tree reflection. We have these flood-control canals in our neighborhood that, because of the stillness (stagnation) of the water, present lovely still-life images in reflection. The scenes evoke, for me, the photographs of Eugène Atget. The split-tone process (warm shadows, cool highlights) I use for many of my black & white images seems appropriate here. And so I present to you, Tree Reflection in Brown. Sometimes a photograph is just a photograph.