After Steichen's Shadblow | Mark Lindsay

Last night, during my evening walk, I thought about summers past. In reality, as a kid, summer could be pretty boring. Magical trips to the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore or our local lakes were always balanced by endless days with nothing to do. Life seemed in limbo with friends scattered around town, doing their mysterious summer things on their own.

The best part of summer of the old summers was the evening, when the dusk hung around seemingly forever and the heat and boredom of the day started to dissipate. Sadly, in New Jersey, that's when the gnats and mosquitoes came out to bite, but, for the moment, we're only trying to recall good memories.

Last night, the whiff of old summers came back to me. I was traversing our park, listening to the happy sounds of families playing soccer and cooking dinner. It was the sounds that did it for me, the echo of laughter and screeches of joy! For just a second it transported me. So I walked to the lagoon and the flood-control canals and starting making photos.

The photo here reminds me of those lazy summers.