Foreboding Goose | Mark Lindsay

Photography is at its best when it reveals to us the marvel of the fleeting moment. Time is constructed of events multiplied by infinity, inextricably interwoven, a fabric so complex we can barely focus upon it. Great enlightened masters are said to see the essence of space and time and, consequently, the key to eternity. Alas, most of us only see what is most obviously in front of us. Photography allows us to savor, to find a moment and ponder its great wonder.

The snapshot is at its best when it reveals something secret. Usually it is an expression of the subject, a gesture, or something unforeseen occurring in the background. The camera is relentless in its search for truth. Even in this day where we question the veracity of photography we rely on the photograph to tell us an important story. That story may be epic or just as importantly, mundane.

In a time when sensory overload has become a chronic condition, the still photograph is more important than ever. If we are ever to find the quiet bliss of enlightenment, it will not be because of the black magic of special effects. It will be the shared sensitivity found in the quiet gap between artist and viewer. In order for that to be, we must slow down so that we may see. Photography, at its best, is a gift that allows us to do that.