Street Graffiti | Mark Lindsay

Admittedly, I have an active imagination. Sometime around a year ago I was walking around my neighborhood with my camera and noticed that the street seemed to be a broad canvas of unseen artists. At that time, what caught my eye, was the sprayed lines and symbols that surveyors and utility repair people are always painting on the street. I don't recall such ubiquitous spraying back when I was younger. But the past decade or so the painting seems to change most every day.

I imagined that night pixies were visiting us and spraying secret messages, or maybe even aliens that were painting landing instructions for space ships. I started photographing the stuff to see if they had some kind of aesthetic value. It turns out that, to me, they did. I still photograph the street almost daily.

This awareness has expanded to most everything the street has to offer. I really noticed this last month on an art adventure with my Art is Moving colleagues, Lisa Rasmussen and Lauren Usher. While touring peace billboards in San Francisco I became interested in the the sidewalk and street. There was much to see. It turns out there are secret night artists there as well.