Midsummer Madman | Mark Lindsay

I’ve always found it hard to be creative in broad daylight. Maybe I prefer living in the shadow. I’ve often described myself as a Moon Child rather than a Sun Child. This is all very odd behavior for someone who works with light, etching a facsimile of reality onto a silicon chip. No light, no image. Camera or no camera, I still like the dark.

Lots of photographers will recommend that one might get the best images when the sun is low. While images of golden light and long shadows are almost always compelling, I would suggest that it is the beginning and the end of the day that contribute more to the creative experience than the quality of light. How many of us feel expansive at noon? No, most people will tell you that early in the morning or late at night are the best times for creative endeavors. The mystery of the shadow is revealed when the sun is low.

June 21st is the longest day of the year. The light can be piercing, direct, and flat. I feel like I’m in the dentist’s chair today. It’s hot. The radiation makes me want one of those lead vests that they give you during dental x-rays. I’m NOT taking my camera out today.