Still Life: Leaves on Concrete | Mark Lindsay

I often look down and see something at my feet worth photographing. It’s as if little gremlins were arranging things just before I got there. These are delicate little compositions that seem so elegant that I cannot resist them. They are the best reason I know to always carry a camera. They are also a good reason to walk slowly and to look down at my feet.

The place I like best to find these still-life compositions is the beach. The surf is a wizard when it comes to still life. Every couple of feet there is something to behold—a treasure hunt that forever reveals the universe at work. Usually these tiny constructs are overwhelmed by larger things. Therefore, a quiet mind is an essential ingredient of the search.

Today’s composition was found twenty feet from my home. I was warming up for a three-mile walk, still checking out the camera to adjust its settings. I looked down and there it was. A lovely start to yet another adventure of discovery.

UPDATE: I woke up this morning, fully expecting to find the world enveloped in rain. I so wanted to make some photos of my tree in the rain. But, alas, there was sun. The rain is just now arriving. The next visit to the park eucalyptus will have to wait.