Passing Through | Mark Lindsay

The Red Door Gallery & Collective in Oakland, California is opening its doors on Friday, October 3rd with a new show by Lauren Odell Usher and Heidi Forssel called Look at Me Looking at You. The show is brilliant and witty. I'm honored to have hung a couple prints as an adjunct to the show. If you are in the Oakland area on Friday night, please come see the show. It is at The Warehouse, 416 26th Street, Oakland, CA. The opening will be held from 6-9 PM.

My work in the show is a bit of a departure from my normal photomontage images. It is sample of the work I've always done with reflections. Photographing my reflection fascinates me. I feel that it evokes childlike feelings of wonderment. I always feel like a kid when I photograph my reflection, oftentimes being surprised by the "old man" that peers back out at me.

What is it about a child's fascination with reflection that is so compelling? Is it simple curiosity? Is it something more? Do we arrive in our current physical form with an innate sense of curiosity about what we are and how we look?

I love it when I time the photograph to include others in the image. Sometimes I have nothing to do with it, the people just show up in the frame. The fleeting reflection of another being is endlessly exciting to me. That chance encounter lives on for the life of the image, taunting me with questions about the person who stumbled into my viewfinder. Why did they unite with me in this image? Is it really random chance?

So many questions today.