Event: An Introduction to Handmade Art Books

Location: College of Marin Community Education. Fine Arts Building. Room 214

Date: June 23 – July 28, 2012

Mark's presentation notes for his course at College of Marin on handmade art books. We’ll be posting more information here as the course progresses.

News Flash: The East Bay store that I've been trying to remember for recycled artist materials is The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse. The reason I had trouble finding it is that they've move from San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley to 4695 Telegraph Ave., Oakland.

Students please note: Please bring several small photos and a bottle of Citra Solv to our next class on 7/7/12. We'll be experimenting with image transfers. For this technique, the images must be reproduced via a toner-based process. This means that they must either be photocopies (Xerox) or printed on a laser printer. Inkjet prints will not work. The process is a bit unpredictable and will vary depending on the nature of the toner. Some toners might not work very well at all. But, the process is quite effective if all goes well. Your prints should have good contrast and good blacks (maximum density). Please also bring some cotton, makeup wipes to facilitate the transfers.

Recommended Reading:

The Book, Spiritual Instrument by Jerome Rothenberg


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Notes for our upcoming class on 7/28: We’ll begin