My feeling for landscape was born in the backseat of the family car, in the frustration of a young boy who wanted to stop and explore what he saw out the window far more often than his family was willing to do.
— Frank Gohlke

Deep in the woods or in the open expanse of meadow or beach, movement takes us to another place. The hike transforms with each step. Breath. Heaviness. The appreciation of gravitational pull. Sun. Radiance. Breath. The hike takes us home, into shadow and back again into light. With the hike, all that is, is in the next step.

It is impossible not to feel gratitude deep into the journey. Abundance. The walk reduces our desires to thirst. Hunger. Rest. Each need is met. It is the essence of simplicity.

The day changes before our eyes. Shadows dance and deepen. The sun glides against the sky on its way downward. Shadow watches and follows. Time becomes meaningless, clocks are irrelevant. The day is marked by physical need, physical space, and soaring spirit. Shadow keeps track in silent synchronicity.